10 Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Make your wedding day as fun and as memorable as possible! Add some spice to your reception that will make your guests never want to leave.


1) Get a good DJ
Dancing is the main attraction at the wedding. A great DJ that livens the party will give your guests the incentive to tear it up on the dance floor. DJ’s know how to conduct the party and make the entire atmosphere fun and lively.


2) Live Band
If you and your partner aren’t DJ people, live bands or even solo artists are another option. Just like going to a concert, live music will get your guests pumped up and excited to dance while giving your wedding unique and special entertainment.


3)Don’t let your guests go hungry
The hungrier your guests, the antsier they’re gonna get. Make sure that the guests have something to eat as soon as they get to the reception and even something to snack on at the ceremony.


4) Desserts
The wedding cake shouldn’t be the only dessert at the wedding. A dessert bar is always great for the guests with the sweet tooth. A wide variety of treats will only help to make your wedding sweeter.


5) Time limit on Toasts
Toasts that last 15 minutes are the definition of buzz kill. Limiting your toasters to only a few short minutes will force them to narrow down their speeches to the best stories while limiting the rambling and eliminating the boredom of your guests. But don’t mistake this for cutting off your toasters or not giving them enough time for a great speech. Allow them to talk as long as they plan, but ask them to limit it to a specific time.


6) Kids Table 
Kids can get bored easy at weddings. Creating a space for kids to be entertained can give their parents the chance to let loose at your wedding. A kids table with a bunch of different activities will entertain them. Check out this page to find more ways to entertain kids at the wedding *11 ways to keep the kids entertained during the wedding*


7) Lawn Games
Lawn games are great for outdoor weddings. Setting up a game of Bags or a Giant Jenga will give your guests some fun entertainment and competition when they need a break from the dance floor.


8) First Dance Performances
It’s always fun to watch the viral videos of the dances that the wedding party comes up with. But don’t worry about creating as big of a show if you’re not a dancer yourself. A choreographed first dance with you and your partner can be something fun for the two of you to create before the wedding while entertaining your guests during the wedding.


9) Photo Booths
This trend is on the rise. Setting up a photo booth at your wedding allows your guests to be goofy while creating a memory at your wedding they can keep forever. This is also a great way for you and your partner to create a guest book and remember everyone who was at your wedding for years to come!


10) Stick to the Schedule
If you have a schedule that you want your guests to follow, you have to follow it yourself. The longer your guests are waiting around for you to get ready, or show up, or get on with the show, the longer your guests are hungry or bored. Create the schedule and stick to it. If you’re someone who is usually late or behind schedule, plan ahead.


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