11 ways to keep the kids entertained during the wedding

Weddings can be long for kids. Fun ways to provide entertainment allow for a smoother and lively wedding for kids… and everyone.


1. Kids table

Have a kids table stocked full of crayons. Skip the nice linens and lay down butcher paper. Have some coloring activities placemat that they have at restaurants. Set up a centerpiece that can be played with- blocks, puzzles, etc.


2. Activity Booklet

Pass out a wedding themed activity booklet that the kids can color on and play with anytime during the wedding. Make sure it comes with a small box of crayons also.


3. The “Kids Only” Tent

Set up a small tent for the kids stocked full of things to play with. This will give them entertainment and free the adults to have some fun.


4. Hire a babysitter

Hiring a babysitter will allow you and the adults to have some freedom and peace of mind while enjoy themselves at the wedding.


5. Video Games

Have a small section off to the side with some video games. Video games that kids will enjoy and be able to play.


6. Bubble Station

Kids love bubbles and can be entertained by them for hours. Set up a station somewhere for the kids to play with a bunch of bubbles.


7. Scavenger Hunt

Give kids a disposable camera and a checklist and have them go around trying to find certain things on the list. It’ll give them something to do that they’ll love!


8. Board Games

Have a table full of board games that will entertain guests of all ages.


9. Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are a huge hit for young kids. Have a bouncy house at your wedding and not only will your kids love it, you’ll love it too!


10. “Open Bar”

Have a table with a bunch of sweets for kids to eat from throughout the night. Instead of drinking, they’ll get crazy on sugar!


11. Glow Sticks

Pass out glow sticks at one point in the night and watch the kids marvel over them!


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