6 Best Unity Ceremony Ideas

The Unity Ceremony is a creative and symbolic way to represent your marriage. Using a unique and practical idea for the ceremony is a sure way to make your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests for years to come!


1) Sand

By using different colors to represent different aspects and parts of your marriage, sand is a great way to express the harmony of your new family. Typically, each person involved has their own color of sand that they pour into a jar, a vase, or a shadow box to create different layers. It can just be the bride and groom. Sometimes the children of the bride and groom get involved or even the parents. Two things I highly suggest:

  • Use a separating neutral color (white, black, gray, tan …) to help accentuate your two colors. Plus, 3 colors makes makes it look prettier!
  • Use a funnel or a party hat to mix the color of sands together when pouring the colors together.


2) Unity Glass

Much like the sand ceremony, the participants will combine the different colors of glass crystal into a display container during the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, you ship the glass crystals back to the company that will turn your glass crystals into a beautiful sculpture, vase, or bowl. This is a great way to have a beautiful ceremony and priceless decoration for your home for the years to come.


3) Wine Box

This is a great idea for the wine lovers out there! First, you and your partner will need to select a wine. A wine that ages well and that can be easily stored is the best option. Then, you will need to find a wine box. There are many that you can buy online that can have your names and date engraved on it, or that come with two wine glasses. You can also diy it and make the box yourself if you are handy people. During your ceremony, you and your partner will place the wine in the box along with love letters or other mementos you want to store with it and close the lid. You and your partner will have to decide the date at which you want to open the box (1st, 5th, 10th, 25th year anniversary, any on that you choose) and drink the wine. Have your officiant explain the significance of the wine box, it’s items, as well as the type of wine you chose and when you both plan on opening the box.


4) Tree Planting

A tree planting ceremony is to represent the roots of the relationship and symbolize the continued growth of your love. On a table, you will have the tree already partially planted in a pot. You will have two cups of dirt (or more if you choose), two gardening trowels, and a small watering can. Family members can bring soil from their own homes to put into the container to represent the blending of families. You and your partner will then add the soil and water the tree during the ceremony. You can choose any type of tree whether is be an apple tree or one the is special to you. You and your partner will then plant the tree in their first home and watch it grow throughout the years.


5) Cookie Dough

This is a great way to get all your family members involved in the ceremony. Much like the unity sand, you will have people from aspect of your family (i.e. parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts,uncles and cousins) pour the different ingredients into a mason jar. Your officiant can make a reference to the importance of family and then end with telling your guests you will bake these cookies on your 1st anniversary to remember your of the warmth of their love.


6) Puzzle

A puzzle ceremony includes a large puzzle made of wood or whatever material you prefer. Each piece can represent a family or family member that you want to symbolize uniting. Those family members can then add the piece to the puzzle during the ceremony and you and your partner are left with a puzzle that you can use as decoration for years to come!

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