7 things to know before buying an engagement ring

Engagement rings are hard to buy. They’re super confusing, especially if you don’t know a thing about rings. You just need to know to look for the right things when it comes to getting your spouse-to-be the perfect engagement ring!


1. Your Budget

Before looking for the ring to propose with, figure out your budget. It really helps to know what to look for when it’s in your price range. Typically, men spend 2 months worth of income on the ring. If you make $1,000 a month, spend $2,000 on the ring.


2. Her Style

Do some research and observe. Look through her pintrest to see what kinds of rings she’s been looking at. Look for any hints that she may drop for you about the kind of rings she likes. Figure out the colors she wears and what kind of ring would go with her style.


3. The Four C’s

Cut, carat, color, and clarity. Do some research before you go out looking. It’s good to know what kind of ring you want to narrow down your options. It also is important when understanding the quality of the ring.


4. Metals

The popular colors and metals for rings are gold and platinum and are the most durable when it comes to rings. Gold comes in yellow, rose, or white (and now even chocolate!...yum). If she wears lots of silver go for platinum or white gold. Platinum is the most durable of the two metals. The best way to choose is to evaluate her style and choose what would work with what she wears and what she would like best.


5. Ring Sizing

It’s important to find out her ring size when selecting your ring and purchasing it. Sometimes picking out a ring to purpose with and then getting the ring sized works out well too. You can always kidnap one of her rings that she wears infrequently and take it with you when you go to the jewelers.


6. Certification

When you purchase a ring it should come with something called a “gem report.” This is so you know you aren’t getting ripped off with a faux gem or synthetic metal. Every jewelry store should present you with one and if they don’t, definitely ask for one. If you are buying online, definitely check and request a gem report due to the greater chance of being ripped off.


7. Invest in Insurance

Rings can be pricy and accidents can happen. Purchasing insurance when you buy the ring can give you a peace of mind with your ring.

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