8 Things Your Guests DON’T Care About

Wedding planning is stressful enough. Between the bridal party, the decorations, and the food, there’s no time to waste on the little things the guests don’t notice or care about. The best kind of wedding planning are the simple, affordable, and trendy ways to excite your guests and make your day romantic and unforgettably you! From years of experience and hundreds of weddings I have attended, here’s a list of 8 things that guests don’t care about.


1. The Wedding Favors

Yes, the little gifts you give your guests as they head home for the night are cute and sometimes punny, they are not essential. No guest goes to a wedding for the small gifts they get in return. It’s also best to skip the party favors with your name and date on it otherwise you’re going to end up with a boatload of extra party favors your guests don’t want. Instead, spend the money that you would use for party favors on something that your guests would more directly enjoy!


2. Mad Libs and Quizzes

Your guests love you. They’re at your wedding, aren’t they? They sound like a cute idea but your guests don’t need to fill out any crosswords or word searches to prove they know you well. No one enjoys being quizzed on a day they don’t have to work and get to party instead. Skip it.


3. Programs

Your guests are not interested in the wedding programs. They don’t really care who’s in the wedding and doing what, they mostly get used for fans on a hot day. Save time and energy and eliminate another slot on your checklist. If your programs are important to you, focus on making them simple and practical.


4. Your Guest Book

Guests books can become a little redundant and boring and often times, your guests forget to sign them anyways. Find a way to spice it up for your guests to make it more fun and overall leave a more special memory for you and your partner. You can request from your wedding photographer to take more candid photos of your guests. Photo booths are a new wedding trend and are great ways to capture your guests in a more entertaining and fun light.


5. Linens

Save yourself some money and stress. Your guests do not care about the type of table clothes you have on your tables. They’re more focused on the food served and the alcohol they get to drink. Specialty linens can get quite costly and have a very low impact on your wedding. Chose a cheaper tablecloth that works with your budget and your decor.


6. Bouquet and Garter Tosses

There are only one or two obnoxious girls that truly want and believe in your bouquet and garter toss. Sometimes it can cause more harm (physically) than good. Don’t worry about skipping it all together and enjoying more uninterrupted time on the dance floor!


7. Centerpieces

Centerpieces add a beautiful aesthetic to your wedding, but they definitely don’t make or break your decor. Find what you like and go for it, but don’t spend all your time worrying what the guests will think about Rose versus Lilly’s.


8. Wedding Party Introductions

The guests aren’t there for your bridal party, they’re there for you and your partner. Your guests are hungry and want to start eating. The longer you prolong the food, the hangrier the guests get. A great alternative is to introduce the bridal party during the ceremony when their role is more prominent.

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