8 Tips to Enjoy Your Own Wedding

Your wedding day will go by quick. It will flash before your very eyes. But it is also one of the best days of your life so you have to enjoy it! Here are some ways to take a step back, and enjoy the day you've been waiting so long for.


1) Break in your shoes before the wedding

If you’re planning on wearing shoes that are tight or that may be uncomfortable… break them in. Wear them around the house or out a few days or a week before the wedding. Staying comfortable at your wedding is essential so you don’t have to constantly be distracted by the blister forming on the back of your foot.


2) Hire the best

Get the best people on your team. Don’t cut your budget on the professionals unless you absolutely have to. Getting the best means less stressful wedding planning and a better wedding day for you and your guest.


3) EAT

It doesn’t matter how tight your dress is, you will make yourself miserable if you don’t eat. Stay healthy to have the best experience. Being hungry is another discomfort. Before getting ready, find some filling and healthy snacks to get you ready for the long day.


4) Don’t obsess over small things

Don’t freak out over the small imperfections that your guests won’t even think twice about. Stop worrying about the “what-if’s” and focus on the now. In a few years- and even months- you won’t remember that the linens were ivory instead of white. Remember what the purpose of the day is. To celebrate you and your partner's new life together. Don’t slip up on the things that don’t matter and just enjoy the things that do.


5) Limit planning the week before the wedding

Wedding planning is crazy stressful. Don’t make yourself insane because you have to do so many things last minute. Overdosing on coffee a few days before the wedding is not good. Set up a schedule so you can sleep peacefully at night. The only hardcore preparation you should do before the wedding is preparing to have an amazing time!


6) Hug your parents

Take time out of the crazy day to thank the people that have supported the two of you. Hug your parents and love them for getting you this far. Sometimes photographers even capture the first look of the Bride’s father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Appreciate the moment that you have with them because as amazing as this experience is, it’s also hard for them to let you go.


7) take some time to yourself or with your partner

This day is all about you and your new spouse. Sometimes it all can get overwhelming. Schedule, or just find some time to take a step back and enjoy it more with your partner and get away for a short time from the craziness.


8) live in the moment

This day is extremely special and amazing. The best way to enjoy your wedding is to enjoy every moment as it happens. Relax, stop worrying, and allow yourself to have a great time and celebrate your new life together.

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