How do we get our marriage license?

One of the most frequently asked questions from couples is how to get their marriage license and certificates. So hear are instructions on how to do just that.

Marriage License

Illinois and Indiana:

  • You can get your marriage license up to 60 days in advance of the ceremony. It must be dated at least one day before the ceremony.
  • You must go to the county courthouse in the county you are getting married in. If you live in Lake County but are getting married in Cook County, go to the Cook county courthouse.
  • You will both need to go to the courthouse together, with 2 forms of ID. Each county will have specific forms of ID that they require. Click this link for specific county websites: County Websites
  • Pricing is set by each county. It will range from $28-$60. It's best to bring cash. Some counties take credit cards but some only take cash.
  • After your ceremony, your officiant must sign the license, no other signatures are required. When I officiate a wedding I will ask for the license at the rehearsal (if you have one) or just before the wedding. I then will make sure that I fill it out and send it in for you.

Marriage Certificates:

You will use marriage certificates to verify your marriage with Social Security, banks, insurance companies, etc. You can order these at the time you get your license.  I recommend ordering 5-6 certificates. The cost of the first one is highest (around $15), the others will be around $4 each if ordered at the same time. Only in Cook County do you order them after they have processed your signed license.


For more information and links to Il and IN county websites go to my website:

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