Marriage License & Certificate info

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In Illinois and Indiana, you have from 60 days to the day before your wedding to get your license. In Wisconsin, you have from 30 to 7 days before your wedding to get your license.

In Illinois and Indiana, you must get your license from the county you are getting married in.

If you live in Wisconsin, you must go to the courthouse in the county you live in.

You bring the marriage license with you to the rehearsal or ceremony and hand it to me. After the ceremony, I will send it in for you. It typically takes 2 to 4 weeks for them to process it.


When ordering your marriage license, some things you need to know:

  1. You both need to appear together in person
  2. You both will need two forms of identification (i.e. – passport and/or driver’s license and some other form of identification. A few counties require your birth certificates. (See the links below for the specific of the county you are getting married in.)
  3. There is a fee to purchase the license. Each county sets their own prices. Most of counties require it to be paid in cash.


Check out the website of the county below in which you are getting married in for more information.



Marriage Certificate Info:

After your ceremony, you will need to order your Marriage Certificates. These are what you use to prove that you are married. Several of your financial and important institutions (Social Security, banks, insurance, employers, etc.) need them for their records. In most counties you can order them at the same time you order your marriage license. Check your marriage county to see when you are allowed to order them.

I encourage couples to order 5 to 6 copies. The first copy cost one price and then the additional copies are $4 each. For example in Cook County, if you order 6 copies, the first one will cost $15 and the additional 5 copies will be $4 each for a grand total of $35. If you order each marriage certificate separately, it would cost you a total of $90 (6 certificates x $15). That’s why I encourage couples to order them all together.

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