Would You Like An UNFORGETTABLE Chicago Wedding?

I’ve been officiating weddings for over 20 years. Some of my early weddings were yoimg_7403ur typical, “Do you Sam take Susie to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Not that anything is wrong with your typical wedding, that is what mine was 25 years ago. But as I’ve been doing weddings over the last several years, I’ve been able to help couples create a wedding ceremony that is all about them and their story. This has transformed a typical ceremony into an UNFORGETTABLE ceremony!

The ceremony that I help couples create:
Everyone is there because of you two and they want it to be about you!
1. So we will meet one or two times for me to get to know you and you to get to know me. We'll also talk through the fun details of how you two meet, feel in love, and got engaged.
2. I'll then write up your script with your love story. You'll get to review the script to make sure it's exactly what you want.
3. I'll share your love story in your wedding in a very fun, romantic and personal way while getting your guests involved in the ceremony.
4. You'll also get a to have a fun, informative rehearsal that will help you think through everything for the ceremony.

I want them to have a good time. I don't want them looking at their watches or falling asleep. Telling your story and asking them for their blessing and support
is what makes your wedding UNFORGETTABLE for them and for YOU!

HeatheHeather & Ivanr and Ivan had me share their love story at their wedding in February. Here is a portion of their story about how they got engaged.

"Now Ivan was starting to make plans for the proposal. They were going to take a trip at the end of June and all her girlfriends were getting her excited that he would pop the question on the Golden Gate Bridge. However, he wanted it to be a surprise for her and also wanted to do it in Chicago. So Mauro and friends made letters that were three feet high spelling out – “marry me?” with lights around each individual letter. Supposedly on June 10, 2015, Ricky and Betty were taking the two of them on his boss’ boat. Heather was really looking forward to it. Ivan wanted to propose during the fireworks, so they walked around for an hour and a half “trying to find the boat”. When they were walking behind the planetarium, she saw the path was lit with candles that led up to a sign that said marry me. She said to Ivan, “we need to get off the path. It looks like someone is getting engaged!” Then she notice that Ricky and Betty were recording everything. Ivan grabbed her hand and said, “No it’s for you.” They walked up to the sign and he got down on one knee. She was sobbing and he was shaking. He held out the ring and asked her to marry him. But all she heard was, “wah, wah, wah.” He pulled the ring out of the box and she said yes immediately. Then all the groomsmen popped up from behind the letters. They all celebrated
the rest the evening and it took Ivan quite a while to stop shaking. Unfortunately, there was no boat ride for Heather that night. But that leads us to this day (their wedding day!)"

Telling Heather and Ivan’s story of how they met, feel in love, and got engaged was the highlight of the ceremony. Guests come up to me afterwards and said it was an amazaing wedding because they got to hear all about Heather and Ivan.

Every couple has a story. It’s their own, it’s unique, and everyone at your ceremony would love to hear it. Here’s a link to my video’s that will also give you a glimpse into other UNFORGETTABLE weddings. https://theweddingrev.org/videos/

If you’d like me to help you create an UNFORGETTABLE wedding ceremony, check out my website and fill out the contact form. https://theweddingrev.org/

Have a great wedding and even better marriage!
Rev. Dave Angle, The Wedding Rev.

Heather's review on The Knot: Heather B. 3/30/2016

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